Clive Broadbent


In recognition of his research work in helping to understand Legionella and controlling it as an environmental pollutant, Clive Broadbent was honoured with the award of Member of the Order of Australia.

Evidence of this contribution to society is found in the many research-based publications Clive has produced and in his work as chairperson for a number of standards setting committees.

Chief among these standards is the Australian standard AS/NZS 3666 : Air-handling and water systems of buildings – Microbial control. Part 1 (Design, installation and commissioning) and Part 2 (Operation and maintenance) of this standard set out requirements in Australia when a prescriptive approach is needed for microbial control in building services. Part 3 (Performance-based maintenance of cooling water systems) has been developed to provide a risk management option. It covers the need for water treatment with appropriate operating limits and other assessment, control and monitoring strategies to help create a low risk environment within the cooling water system. The standard has been incorporated into legislation in most jurisdictions in Australia.

To better serve the microbial control performance requirements at large installations, AS 5059 entitled “Power station cooling tower water systems – Management of Legionnaires’ disease health risk” was developed. This standard sets out an advanced risk management methodology that includes all procedures set out in AS/NZS 3666.3. Although focussed on systems at power stations, the approach is useful for systems of any size and has proven to be comprehensive in application.

In 2011 Part 4 was added to the suite of AS/NZS 3666 standards. This also was prepared by Clive and presents a performance-based option for maintenance of air-handling systems. It addresses indoor air quality issues that may originate at air-handling ducts and plant or be fostered by them.

Clive Broadbent has presented technical papers on the full suite of standards at many conferences within Australia, the USA, the UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, and at other European forums.

Clive Broadbent & Associates Pty Ltd has used all these standards in developing risk management plans for client applications as diverse as oil and gas refineries, large commercial office buildings, university campuses, paper manufacturing plants, coal mines and several power stations.