Clive Broadbent

Clive Broadbent & Associates Pty Ltd

Legionella consultancy

Clive Broadbent graduated from RMIT (Melbourne) and has 50 years engineering experience. His specialty is reports on preventive measures for Legionnaires' disease hazards such as may be presented by cooling towers. With a team comprising microbiologists, medical personnel and other engineers, he carried out an extensive field study into Legionella ecology in cooling towers. The field study included research into the effectiveness of biocides and water treatment approaches.

Notable achievements

  • Author of 12 TAFE modules on air conditioning systems
  • Author of over 120 technical publications such as conference papers, journal articles, books and monographs
  • Won AIRAH Journal annual best paper award twice
  • Won AIRAH James Harrison award
  • Inducted 2012 in to the ARBS Hall of Fame (the Australian overall building services industry‚Äôs highest award)
  • Certificates of appreciation from engineering institutes in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Keeps in touch with an international network of microbiologists, chemists, engineers, health officials and others who have a special interest in the control of Legionella
  • Member of several committees of the Standards Association of Australia, including chairmanship of the committee that produced AS/NZS 3666: Air-handling and water systems of buildings - Microbial control.

Professional associations

  • Fellow and Life Member Institution of Engineers Australia
  • Fellow and Life Member Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating
  • Fellow and Life Member American Society Heating, Refrigerating, Air conditioning Engineers